“Just like the industrial revolution deeply impacted the world during the 19th century, digital transformation is disrupting ours. The innovation race has started, and Africa is well aware of the extraordinary possibilities this revolution presents. 

Character qualities like resilience, will, talent, humility, a seated faith in ideas along with an obsession to bring them to fruition, these are the building blocks that serve as the very foundation to the EDN organization. They are also representative of the African innovation ecosystem. 

The African continent is in search of a sustainable business and development model. This belief is the founding principle behind EDN’s mission and the very reason why we are asking the children of innovation to join us at AFRICA MOVES, the official African Innovation Summit. Africa is the new hotbed for innovation. 

With AFRICA MOVES, we are all Africans!” 

Sami Jemni and Mélanie Martin, co-founders

We are now making this call for speakers & facilitators to enrich the proposal on the themes addressed by AFRICA MOVES.

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