AFRICA MOVES is the defining event for the development of Africa and the African diaspora, and the largest African event dedicated to tech and innovation. We offer 230 African (and African descendant) startups a chance to join the events in Tunis, Singapore, Dakar and at the Las Vegas CES. Do not miss these fantastic opportunities!


  • 100 startups invited to THE BIG SUMMIT in Tunis (June 17-21, 2019)
  • 50 startups invited to THE BUSINESS TOUR in Singapore (Sept. 16-20, 2019)
  • 50 startups invited to THE INNOVATION DAYS in Dakar (Nov. 20-21, 2019)
  • 30 startups invited on the AFRICA MOVES Pavilion at CES Las Vegas 2020 (Jan. 7-10, 2020)

*. Flights, accommodations, meals, turnkey exhibition stand (if applicable) **. If applicable


  • Qualified B2B meetings
  • A free, turnkey exhibition stand
  • Access to conferences, roundtables, etc.
  • Startup and investors pitches
  • Live fundraising meetings



Applications close on May 19, 2019

If your startup is selected, you will receive an all inclusive benefits package: flights, accommodation, meals, pass for the event, turnkey connected booth. Your startup or product will also be presented during the Forum as a solution to Africa’s challenges. In addition, you will be granted the opportunity to pitch in front of the 100 investors present at the event and/or in front of potential customers or partners.


Rodrigue FOUAFOU, VP of Growth and President of the Startup Selection Committee of AFRICA MOVES, Co-Founder and CEO of HartNamtemah, COO of OASIS Africa Innovation

Rod, well known across social media as “Africa Connects” is an entrepreneur and investor, African startup ecosystem builder, mentor, leader, speaker, marathoner and health enthusiast.

Why did he join Africa Moves? As the African Startup Ecosystem develops and expands, the Africa Moves initiative is a key element in fostering the growth of Africa. Rod is a great believer in Africa.

Saloua ABDEL KHALAK, Director of the St’ART UP LAB

Saloua ABDEL KHALAK is senior coach and a mentor specialized in the digital and cultural industries. She has dedicated her life to promoting culture through digital innovation because she strongly believes that the digital economy is one of the most important topics that will contribute to Tunisia’s rise. Today, Saloua is focused on empowering young entrepreneurs willing to conquer the world with state-of-the-art innovations and projects incubated within the St’ART UP LAB.

Mohamed JOMNI, President of the Coordination Committee of AFRICA MOVES, Co-Founder of Accelerate Africa Tunisia

Mohamed JOMNI is a sales and marketing specialist who has worked both in Qatar and Tunisia for international digital and telecommunications companies. His experience and skills within the digital industry, combined with his dedication to the youth of his continent have led him to founding Accelerate Africa in Tunisia and to taking part in the organization of THE African in order to contribute to the African ecosystem’s rise.

Amina DJIRDEH, Equity Research Associate at iA

Amina DJIRDEH is an “afroptimist” with extensive experience in equity research, investment banking, and other areas of finance. Skilled in methods of investment analysis, transactions and other financial concepts, she builds financial models for a living and is an asset for all startups willing to rise internationally.

Haymée I PEREZ COGLE, Local Leader at Founder Institute Luanda

A highly motivated senior business executive with extensive experience in sales & business development, along with a demonstrated history of working in telecommunications industries. Haymée is passionate about Digital Transformation in Angola and Africa in general and committed to the promotion of the startup ecosystem in Angola.  She is also interested in emerging technologies and early-stage startups. Dynamic and resilient, with strong leadership and team building skills, Haymée is customer and sales orientated with a strategic business vision and a broad knowledge in IT technologies. 

A pioneer in the promotion of the Internet and new information technologies in Angola, she is also the co-founder of the 1st ISP in Angola and has more than 20 years of experience in the telecom and IT industry.

Haymée is a strong advocate for women’s inclusion in technology. 

Murielle DIACO, Founder and CEO of DJOUMAN

Murielle is the founder and CEO of DJOUMAN, one of the leading platforms catalyzing innovation for sustainability in Africa. With a background in computer science and engineering, she worked for more than 6 years in the financial industry. In 2013, she decided to engage more actively in sustainable development in Africa. Coming from Cote d’Ivoire, she really wanted her work to positively impact the continent. She decided to undertake a MBA, after which she turned to entrepreneurship. In January 2016, she launched the platform “DJOUMAN”, the goal of which is to provide effective means to the people who are building tomorrow’s Africa in order to grow their projects. The platform works with innovative start-ups and SMEs to help them transform their potential into success. Murielle facilitates connections with the right experts, business partners and investors. DJOUMAN is involved in projects in renewable energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture, but also health and education.

Today, the platform counts more than 2000 members who are primarily located in western and central Africa.

Naji BOUCHIBA, Founder of UX AFRICA, Co-Founder of Palpit Games and Userthink

Specializing in the field of innovation, user experience, cognitive psychology and the sociology of uses I have been accompanying for more than 10 years many agencies, companies and startups around the world. One example of such startup would be Meludia, which has disrupted the market of music learning worldwide.

I also went to the side of entrepreneurship in 2015, by creating the video game company Palpit games with 4 partners.

In 2017, along with 3 partners, we created the Agency and the laboratory Userthink in order to accompany the incubators of innovation at the regional, national and international level. Our goal is to put the concept on the center stage by introducing values of ethics and ecology linked to sustainable development, usability and usefulness.

Since 2018, I am working on the establishment of the Association “UX AFRICA” with the aim of evangelizing user-centric design methods across all African countries and to train and support UX professionals.

I joined AFRICA MOVES because this event represents the effervescence that the African continent is experiencing today through innovation. Unified Africa is on the move and I wanted to participate in this great adventure.

Elise SHADMAN, International Program Manager, Schoolab

Entrepreneurship is the way society can solve its new global issues. After traveling across a few continents, I discovered how entrepreneurs from around the world have the power to create positive change in the economy and across ecology and social issues.

Thanks to my background in marketing, sales and finance, I now help – via Schoolab – startups that are willing to make a difference.

Hauwa YABANI, CEO of Abuja Technology Village

Hauwa Yabani currently manages a portfolio of a broad range of programs including master planning, large-scale infrastructure and real estate, enterprise development, human capital mobilization and development and, the deployment of operating frameworks, processes and procedures for the establishment of a Science and Technology Park with Special Economic Zone status in Nigeria. She holds key positions and has served on boards of organizations such as the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation where she was the immediate past Treasurer and the Abuja Enterprise Agency. Hauwa is the World Business Angels Investment Forum’s High Commissioner for Nigeria; a Nigeria Leadership Initiative – Yale Fellow; and, the founder of an Angel Network, a non-governmental initiative that presently focuses on youth empowerment and a women-focused investment platform.


Thameur HEMDANE, Founder of Afrikwity

Thameur is a pioneer in the development of crowdfunding in Africa. He is the founder of Afrikwity an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors to African startups. He’s also the chairman of of FPAM – “Financement Participatif Afrique & Méditerranée”, the professional body engaged in promoting crowdfunding across Africa.

He previously held management positions in strategy consulting firms and financial services.